Sunday, 3 December 2006

TV Nostalgia

Does anyone else remember watching Saturday afternoon telly on ITV? I'm talking about 1992 or so here - when they broadcast stuff you wanted to watch.

I always liked Saturdays. I'd get my pocket money, which back then was £1, and i'd go down to the corner shop at the end of my road, buy about 3 bags of Nik Naks (the original cheesy ones, not the new fangled 'cream & cheesy' ones), a Caramac and the rest on penny sweets. At the time it didnt occur to me that the bloke that ran the shop might have been a little dodgy - he looked like the werthers original bloke and called everyone 'little miss' or 'young sir' which now i think about it, sounds really creepy...

Anyway, after getting my oversized haul for the week, i'd make sure to be back home in time for afternoon telly on ITV, 4 hours of TV nirvana, including, but not limited to: The A-Team, Airwolf, Knight Rider and MacGyver. All shown in a row. It was priceless. The only time of the week i'd give my parents any kind of peace - staring at the telly for those 4 hours, with all movement restricted to the ad-breaks.

What ever happened to it though? Saturday afternoons these days are comprised of pretty much bugger all to watch and all the kids i see are too busy out smoking, wearing chav-gear and being cunty little bastards. Who raised these children, satan?

I guess its something that only people of a certain age can relate to, the pre-CD:UK and SMTV: Live generation. *cue old man voice* in my day, it was Saturday Swap Shop and Number 73....followed by Going Live, Motormouth, Ghost Train, Parallel 9 and Live & Kicking....

The aftermath of all of this, is that now, i'm downloading 44gb of MacGyver - just to satisfy my childish curiosity :)

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