Friday, 1 December 2006

Man Flu

When a bloke gets sick, its quite possibly the worst thing in the world. Women may have to put up with childbirth at some point in the life, but to a man with the flu, it's irrelevant.

For a start, man flu isnt like ordinary flu, its more akin to the bubonic plague, albeit with a startling absence of sores and buboes. With even the slightest whiff of flu - men will take to bed, clutching hot water bottles (if one is available), blankets, untold piles of pharmaceutical products and drinks.

While i dont have the flu, i do happen to have what i believe to be an impacted wisdom tooth and it hurts like hell. For the most part i've kept the moaning to myself, but like all men, the urge to harp on about it is too much to bear. I almost want to pick up a megaphone and recant the details to the whole street.

Until the next evolutionary step of mankind, i doubt the trend of us men being really crap patients will ever subside.

There was no actual need for this post, other than to point out the blindingly obvious to those that may have glossed over it, and yes, to tell you again that my tooth hurts. See my point?

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