Tuesday, 28 November 2006

The best tuesday in the world...ever?

Okay, so this morning, i had a job interview at a company that i never thought would even bother looking at my CV. However, at the interview it was explained that out of 350 applicants, i made the shortlist of the final 6. I was the last interviewee of the morning for them, and they hired me on the spot.

Which was nice.

Seriously though, i had to contain myself, i actually got a freaking job! One that pays more money than i need per month! It looks like a nice place too - only 6 people in the office including me and i'll be the head of my own department....and i have an expense account apparrently!

Needless to say i won't have much free time as i've had the past few months, but honestly, i'm starting to go a little stir crazy couped up in the flat for so long.

After the interview, i went for lunch with Dan, and he paid the tab, in addition to bringing me a celebratory bottle of bourbon - which was even nicer!

I mean, can this day get any better?!


** note to all women on my list - i'm now financially stable. date me ;) **

The horror of Wisdom Teeth :(

It's almost 3am as i type this, i have a job interview at 10:45am tomorrow, which means getting up at 9:30am to prepare (ie, shave) and currently, i can't sleep. Since saturday, the left side of my face has been killing me as my wisdom teeth are trying to punch a hole in my gum. Drinking cold water does a little to soothe the pain, although i'd rather grab the pair of pliers on my shelf and start pulling at it myself.

The lack of a decent, NHS dentist around here only compounds things - seeing as the last time i went to a dentist was in 1997, and only then because it was required by the school. I would get smashed on bourbon and beat my face against a wall but that'd leave me hungover and scarred, and that wouldnt make for a very good job interview.

Why the fuck do we have wisdom teeth?

Monday, 27 November 2006

Sunday Afternoons

Sunday Afternoons for everyone i think, are pretty much crap. Theres nothing to do, theres fuck all on the telly and it takes twice as much effort to even bother getting out of bed.

I woke up this morning at about 10am, and as usual it was stupidly hot in my room, despite the heating being off and my window being open. As usual, i watched a double bill of Stargate SG-1 and then went back to sleep.

The only reason for there being fuck all to do on a sunday is because of the church. The church decreed that sunday should be a holy day for us to do precisely nothing. Except go to church, of course. When shops wanted to open on a sunday, realising that the numbers of people that actually went to church had declined to almost nothing, and wanted to shop instead, the Church of England brought about this big brou-ha-ha, and as such Sunday trading is still restricted from 10am to 4pm to fit inbetween church hours.

Theres little say in the matter for those of a non-christian persuasion, such as atheists like myself. When will the government and conversely, the church, learn that christianity is no longer a major part of peoples lives?

Anyway, this evening, through the sheer boredom brought about thanks to the Church of England (albeit indirectly), i was fecking around on myspace and saw one of these face recognition packages and decided to plug in one of my photo's. It came out with a few not-so-surprising matches. Ultimately, i seem to be an amalgam of Vincent d'Onofrio, Sean Astin & Sean Bean. This isn't really a surprise, cause, upon looking in a mirror - i realised that i do indeed have elements of Private Pyle, Samwise Gamgee and Alec Trevelyan in me. In personality too.

However, despite this digression, i'm still bored, and listening to Rob Dougan and eating my way through a kilo bag of pick 'n' mix isn't doing much for me.


The internet is like drugs. When we're young, we get drawn into it and end up hooked, only to have it later turn out to be shit, although we're still addicted. Hell, i used to be all over the internet, spending hours at a time looking up different things, reading up on stuff, and now, all i do is flit between the Supra forums. The high point of my internet browsing today, was looking up some cheese on WikiPedia. I know, sad isnt it?

Damn you vile internet!

Saturday, 25 November 2006

Cannibalism in the British Isles

Let me recap the events of the last 24 hours (ish). Dan came round yesterday afternoon and we decided that because we were both completely bored, we'd go to The Fox for a pub lunch. As usual, for me, it was a mixed grill, which for £9.75 is an absolute bargain. Steak, Pork Chop, Liver, Bacon, Sausage, Mushrooms, Tomato and a pile of chips. Anyway, afterwards, we decided that rather than just go back to the flat, we'd go to Wood Green and see Casino Royale.

I must say, i was impressed with this reboot of the bond franchise. It is no longer the campy romp through international espionage that we associate with Bond Films of the past - even 'Die Another Day' was just full of rediculous plot points (or the lack thereof) and the reliance on gadgets and 'Q' division was all people saw the movies for. James Bond of old was a lecherous perve that was only kept alive through the copious use of technology and not his ingenuity.

Casino Royale however, changes all of that. You see Bond as a much more flawed human being, and thats what we want. We see a Bond thats only just earned his 00 status with a big ego and stone cold exterior who goes through a metamorphosis over the course of the film.

Despite it being 2 and a half hours long, i didnt feel bored once, unlike when i watched 'Munich' which, when it hit the 2 hour mark, i felt like gouging my eyeballs out with my keys just to stop the pain and horror of such an awful movie being drilled into my soul.

Anyway, i digress. We walked back and after a beer or two, Dan went back home and i concentrated on watching some of the Torchwood that i've been downloading over the past day or so. For those that don't know, Torchwood is a spinoff of the new Doctor Who series, the name of course being an anagram of 'Doctor Who'. IT centres around a group of individuals who operate outside of the law and separate from the government who investigate alien phenomena and general wierdness. Think of it as a british version of the X-Files. Or CSI:Cardiff as it's so eloquently put in the first episode.

The episode that i was watching last night though, centered around cannibals living in a remote village in wales, who abduct passers by to...erm...eat them. Now i've only been to wales a few times, but for some reason as i was watching it, i could easily have mistaken it for a dramatisation of real events. Theres just something about wales that makes it feel like its full of cannibals. Huw - can you explain this, or are you too busy gnawing on a rambler?

Thursday, 23 November 2006

CounterStrike - does it ever get boring?

No, really. I mean it's been around for years, i remember it being a mod for Half Life 1 waaaaay back when i was in school. I did play a game this evening against Dan, Rob & Steve which was cool, but it felt a little tedious after a while. Quake III Arena never got boring....

Shame no one other than me and steve have machines capable of playing Doom III :(

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Slave to Consumerism?

Okay - the earlier post i made about effectively being under the influence of big corporations? It was all true. I went out to Morrisons with Aly cause she was feeling ill, and what happens? I buy, for no reason, 4 'snack' pizza's, a tub of black olives and a tomato. I already have a freezer with about 6 frozen pizza's in it! I already have enough bread products to feed the russian army! It's all the result of subliminal messaging in store, which must explain why the in-store announcer sounds like a zombie reading off a cue card...

Still, it's 5pm and i'm feeling the effects of tiredness already. I was supposed to go see Erin tonight as she's off to the USA tomorrow until January but unfortunately, i dunno if i'll be awake for very much longer.

My god, i've just noticed. In the last 10 minutes, it's gone dark outside. Totally dark. Thats not scary - that's just wrong.

** Meanwhile, back at the Fat-Cave.... **

I'm currently in the process of shuffling all the stuff off my 250gb Hard Disks that i rarely watch anymore. It means archiving all of it on DVD's which is a tedious task, but at least it's keeping me awake and coherent.

Erm...i suppose thats it for the moment...

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

The Sainsbury's Conspiracy

I'm beginning to suspect some kind of evil plot exists to awake me before 6am in order to deprive me of a normal day. By 7pm last night i was absolutely fucking shattered, again, after having done nothing of consequence, other than spending £70 at Sainsburys.

Speaking of shopping, i did check my last few shopping bills for what i've actually bought, cause my cupboards, the freezer and my shelf in the fridge are groaning under the strain of so much stuff. Most of it, i've deduced is actually meat. Other than three sacks of gnocchi, my shelf in the fridge is composed of meat. 20 rashers of bacon, two racks of spare ribs, a packet of ham, a half kilo of mortadella from the deli counter, a packet of pepperoni and a multipack of diced chicken for a meal i still havent made yet.

If its not meat, its cheese, or some other kind of dairy product. In fact, the only thing in the fridge thats NOT either of those two wholesome foodgroups, are the three tomatoes and the tub of black olives from the deli counter that i bought to do a salad which again, i havent made...

Now this isnt to say i'm irked about the situation, far from it - its just that for some reason i seem to be addicted to buying shitloads of food, and then never eat it. Hell, i had a microwave chicken tikka masala for breakfast and 8 poppadoms. FOR BREAKFAST! BREAKFAST FOR FUCKS SAKE!

If i dont actually make the chicken, cream & pesto pasta that i've been planning for days, likewise with the salad - will someone please beat me round the head with a large frying pan??

Monday, 20 November 2006

Mornings Suck

So, here i am, awake at an ungodly hour. I'm kinda fed up of waking up at 5 in the morning for no reason, why cant i just stay asleep and enjoy the fact that i have nothing to do in my life at the moment?


The only thing i've got to do today, is pay off £100 of Ed's phone bill, in order to get the head gasket done on the car - which urgently needs doing.

This car is going to bankrupt me i swear....