Monday, 25 December 2006

So there it was, merry christmas...

The day actually went okay. It felt a little odd being in someone elses house, eating their food and stuff, but it was enjoyable all the same. I even got a present from Lloyds dad as well, which i certainly wasn't expecting. A bottle of Jack Daniels and a hip flask - should come in handy for those cold nights after work....or during the lunchbreak ;)

Christmas telly though, was a joke. Monsters Inc. was good, and the Doctor Who Christmas Special was....mmm...okay i suppose, not as good as last years though. The rest was total tripe - with channel 5 showing 'most embarrasing TV moments ever', and after that, advertising for some bullshit programme that appears to revolve around george michaels beard. Honestly, what the FUCK has happened to TV in the last few years? Dumbing down? NO SHIT!

TV companies have realised that there are so many people that have so little to do in their lives that they actually watch crap like Big Brother, Lame Academy and I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of here. I mean god almighty, WHY? It's the thick leading the terminally retarded these days, you have a programme that typically involves a bunch of low IQ losers that want to make it big, or a posse of Z list anti-celebrities that want to get back on telly again. Then watching them you have stupid people. People that have that so little going on upstairs that they find watching these inbred gnome fuckers embarrassing us as a nation amusing or shocking!!!

I swear, one of these days there's going to be an uprising, people will refuse to pay their license fees or stop watching telly altogether because of the sheer volume of drivel thats being force fed to them through the screen, by the people that apparrently 'know best'. Turn this horseshit off! I want INTELLIGENT programmes, stuff thats educational, stuff thats interesting, news, current affairs, more stuff like Horizon and 'Space' with people like Sam Neill.

If in 5 years time, peoples obsession with reality tv and the culture that feeds it hasnt died a horrible and meaningless death, then I shall gather a large and innumerable crowd of people and lead them through the streets in an effort to purge stupid people from our country. Once that is done, all archive material of any reality tv will be launched into space on a collision course for the sun so that never again will 21st century society have to endure the mental pain like this.

Once this has been done - i believe that my leadership skills will put me in a position to run the country. Hows about that? Me as a president of the Republic of Great Britain, Because of course, the queen can shove her royal status up her arse and fuck off while she's doing it..

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