Friday, 29 December 2006


It's fucking freezing up here. Despite the fact that i'm sat here in my nice double bed in a Travelodge, it's cold. It's foggy. I cant see more than 20 feet without seeing low lying cloud.

I'm glad i've got my laptop with me, else i'd be bored to tears. Thankfully, wifi connection is included with the price of the room. It's not monumentally fast, but its enough for what i need.

So far the conference has been boring. My god, the stuff they're teaching, is worse than what lecturers tried to foist on me 2 years back when i was doing computing. Come on, we all know what an SQL statement looks like!

I have another day of SQL database management to grit my teeth through, and then a spare day on the 30th, before i catch the morning flight on the 31st, just in time to spend New Years in London.

Speaking of New Years - anyone want to do anything?

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