Monday, 27 November 2006

Sunday Afternoons

Sunday Afternoons for everyone i think, are pretty much crap. Theres nothing to do, theres fuck all on the telly and it takes twice as much effort to even bother getting out of bed.

I woke up this morning at about 10am, and as usual it was stupidly hot in my room, despite the heating being off and my window being open. As usual, i watched a double bill of Stargate SG-1 and then went back to sleep.

The only reason for there being fuck all to do on a sunday is because of the church. The church decreed that sunday should be a holy day for us to do precisely nothing. Except go to church, of course. When shops wanted to open on a sunday, realising that the numbers of people that actually went to church had declined to almost nothing, and wanted to shop instead, the Church of England brought about this big brou-ha-ha, and as such Sunday trading is still restricted from 10am to 4pm to fit inbetween church hours.

Theres little say in the matter for those of a non-christian persuasion, such as atheists like myself. When will the government and conversely, the church, learn that christianity is no longer a major part of peoples lives?

Anyway, this evening, through the sheer boredom brought about thanks to the Church of England (albeit indirectly), i was fecking around on myspace and saw one of these face recognition packages and decided to plug in one of my photo's. It came out with a few not-so-surprising matches. Ultimately, i seem to be an amalgam of Vincent d'Onofrio, Sean Astin & Sean Bean. This isn't really a surprise, cause, upon looking in a mirror - i realised that i do indeed have elements of Private Pyle, Samwise Gamgee and Alec Trevelyan in me. In personality too.

However, despite this digression, i'm still bored, and listening to Rob Dougan and eating my way through a kilo bag of pick 'n' mix isn't doing much for me.


The internet is like drugs. When we're young, we get drawn into it and end up hooked, only to have it later turn out to be shit, although we're still addicted. Hell, i used to be all over the internet, spending hours at a time looking up different things, reading up on stuff, and now, all i do is flit between the Supra forums. The high point of my internet browsing today, was looking up some cheese on WikiPedia. I know, sad isnt it?

Damn you vile internet!

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