Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Slave to Consumerism?

Okay - the earlier post i made about effectively being under the influence of big corporations? It was all true. I went out to Morrisons with Aly cause she was feeling ill, and what happens? I buy, for no reason, 4 'snack' pizza's, a tub of black olives and a tomato. I already have a freezer with about 6 frozen pizza's in it! I already have enough bread products to feed the russian army! It's all the result of subliminal messaging in store, which must explain why the in-store announcer sounds like a zombie reading off a cue card...

Still, it's 5pm and i'm feeling the effects of tiredness already. I was supposed to go see Erin tonight as she's off to the USA tomorrow until January but unfortunately, i dunno if i'll be awake for very much longer.

My god, i've just noticed. In the last 10 minutes, it's gone dark outside. Totally dark. Thats not scary - that's just wrong.

** Meanwhile, back at the Fat-Cave.... **

I'm currently in the process of shuffling all the stuff off my 250gb Hard Disks that i rarely watch anymore. It means archiving all of it on DVD's which is a tedious task, but at least it's keeping me awake and coherent.

Erm...i suppose thats it for the moment...

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