Tuesday, 28 November 2006

The best tuesday in the world...ever?

Okay, so this morning, i had a job interview at a company that i never thought would even bother looking at my CV. However, at the interview it was explained that out of 350 applicants, i made the shortlist of the final 6. I was the last interviewee of the morning for them, and they hired me on the spot.

Which was nice.

Seriously though, i had to contain myself, i actually got a freaking job! One that pays more money than i need per month! It looks like a nice place too - only 6 people in the office including me and i'll be the head of my own department....and i have an expense account apparrently!

Needless to say i won't have much free time as i've had the past few months, but honestly, i'm starting to go a little stir crazy couped up in the flat for so long.

After the interview, i went for lunch with Dan, and he paid the tab, in addition to bringing me a celebratory bottle of bourbon - which was even nicer!

I mean, can this day get any better?!


** note to all women on my list - i'm now financially stable. date me ;) **

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