Tuesday, 28 November 2006

The horror of Wisdom Teeth :(

It's almost 3am as i type this, i have a job interview at 10:45am tomorrow, which means getting up at 9:30am to prepare (ie, shave) and currently, i can't sleep. Since saturday, the left side of my face has been killing me as my wisdom teeth are trying to punch a hole in my gum. Drinking cold water does a little to soothe the pain, although i'd rather grab the pair of pliers on my shelf and start pulling at it myself.

The lack of a decent, NHS dentist around here only compounds things - seeing as the last time i went to a dentist was in 1997, and only then because it was required by the school. I would get smashed on bourbon and beat my face against a wall but that'd leave me hungover and scarred, and that wouldnt make for a very good job interview.

Why the fuck do we have wisdom teeth?

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