Friday, 9 February 2007

Windows Vista - is it worth it?

4 hours ago, i made the conscious choice to install Windows Vista to see how i got on with it. I know theres been a lot of negative press about it, but i thought i'd give it a go anyway and make up my own mind.

The press was right.

It's a very shiny OS now, lots of 'ooh-aaah' factor thrown in, but the underpinnings are just utter crap. Although i've had no problems with applications so far, and the sidebar addition is nice - it's certainly no way worth the price that MS are asking for it, even the 'cheap' versions.

Right now - i have 4 applications open - Firefox, mIRC, Explorer and MSN Messenger. The CPU usage is low enough but the memory - christ almighty. It's using up 2/3rd of my memory JUST for that. I can have twice as many apps open in XP 64-bit without it getting to this point. My hard disks are paging like crazy as well and it's driving me up the wall. As a sysadmin - i'd never recommend this for use on workstations and the server version? Well we'll have to wait until that comes out, but if it's anything like Vista with memory usage and disk paging - stick to Win2k3. Or buy an X-Serve and load OS X Server onto it.

In 4 hours Vista has managed to annoy me. 4 Hours. The 'wow' factor that MS is talking about is there, but its superficial at best, and lasts all of 30 minutes.

Exactly what purpose does Flip3D serve? None! User Account Control? ANNOYING!

Avoid this annoying OS at all costs. Please for the love of god, avoid it.

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