Monday, 12 February 2007

Back to University....?

I've been giving this a lot of thought lately, i've actually been considering it since September or so, but recently, theres just been something appealing about going back.

Reading and Cardiff are the ones i've been looking at - both for Engineering programmes. I dont know how feasible this is, but, it's something i'd like to do.

I think the main reason i dumped Middlesex was that i had the wrong idea about the University in the first year, coupled with the fact that the Computing course was fucking boring, and last year, i chose a course that i really wasnt suited to and eventually couldn't be bothered with.

After looking at these alternatives, the campuses at Reading and Cardiff look far better maintained, they have more resources, more students, they're centrally located on ONE campus rather than being spread over a wide area - it's what a University should be.

Middlesex was, in comparison, a bollocks place, and i advise all those that are thinking of going there to reconsider.

Advice, anyone?

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