Thursday, 12 April 2007

So i gave myself a haircut...

...and it doesn't look all that bad. I'm sure i've missed the odd bit here or there, and i know my clippers are in need of some de-stubblisation, but overall, i'm happy with it.

Yes, i've gone back to being a slap-head.

Think of it this way - it's coming up to summer, and my hair was just too long and scruffy, and i can't really afford £15 on getting a hair cut right now, as i've just had to fork out £105.75 for the plumber (kitchen sink taps - long story, dont ask).

Besides, my hair grows fast. Like, chia pet fast. In a month, it'll be long enough to get styled again. Hopefully get it done in time for my birthday too, which is the 27th of May, for anyone that cares....

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