Thursday, 5 April 2007

I hate fake people...

Recently, i've had a lot of people attempting to add me as a friend, and i've been working flat out hitting the 'deny' button. Why? Well because you're fake. I have no idea who you are, your profiles are either devoid of any useful information that might lead me to think 'yes, this person is cool, i'll add them', or they're just spamming me to go look at some porn site, or they're touting their latest band/clothing line.

For those bands wanting to add me - sod off, i'm very picky about my music, if i like what you have to play, then i'll add YOU - don't pester me.

For those with clothing lines - just fuck off, will you? I have my own unique taste in clothing, and i'm hardly what you'd call a fashionista. I refuse to pay more than £6 for a T-Shirt, so why would i want to buy a pair of diamond studded bell bottoms from you for £20,000? Seriously - get a SHOP and take out an advertisement in the newspaper - STOP BOTHERING ME.

However, all those cute, single girls from 19 to 35 - feel free to add me if you're cuddly ;)

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