Thursday, 4 September 2008

Too Early?

Okay, get this. It's 7:45am and its light enough outside to no longer need my desk lamp on. I'm running an inverted sleep pattern at the moment, so i've been waking up near to 6pm and going to bed around 8/9am in the morning. I really don't like it when this happens as i miss out on this stuff called Vitamin D, which comes from sunlight, although lately, theres not been much of that either, what with this shite weather.

So, i'm about 20 mins away from jumping in the shower, putting on my new shirt (who knew that you can buy style for only £5 in ASDA?), chugging down a gallon of steaming hot coffee with far too much sugar in than is healthy and heading off out in the car.

I know, driving isn't something you're supposed to do whilst wired or tired, but i'm throwing caution to the wind as i NEED to get to the bank this afternoon without fail and i can't afford to think 'i'll just have a nap' because the next thing you know, i'll be snoring, laying haphazardly across the bed and yet again, time gets one over on me.

Now it'd be nice if time was more flexible to MY needs, i mean really, banks could shut at 9/10/11pm, this arbitrary 5pm time is just nonsense!

*shakes fist at the sky out of some deep seated desire to make mother nature pay for her insolence*

I dread to think what i'll look like this afternoon, attempting to stay awake for 24 or 27 hours is never a pretty sight. Plus, sods law dictates that i'll only sleep 8 hours and feel like shit when i wake up....hows that for irony?

Argh. I'm rambling again. See, its a sign! That bed looks comfy, i'll just go and sit down on it for a minute....

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