Friday, 5 September 2008

In the Mood...

...for ROCK.

There's nothing better than listening to some classic, REAL music for a change. Granted, i like a lot of progressive break groups like Hybrid, Way Out West and Shiloh, but nothing beats good ol' AC/DC!

After finally collapsing yesterday at around 4pm, i woke up around 5:30am and spent the morning watching old road movies like Smokey and the Bandit, and the Dukes of Hazzard.

Modern society has a lot to answer for, life used to be so much more fun back then. I'd give anything to drive a '69 Charger down the freeway at a million miles an hour, listening to loud music, instead, i can't afford the fuel bill for the Supra or the Skyline easily (hoorah for $12 a gallon fuel & 90% taxes), let alone the horror that would be a '69 Charger.

The pervasive and insidious nature of socialism has finally taken over, with governments handing out my hard earned tax money to those that dont deserve it, and the people that don't deserve it continuously bleat for more handouts to make their life easier. Not just in terms of benefits, but things like free healthcare. Systems like that just make it easy for people to take the piss with. My local hospital is full of immigrants that don't contribute one iota to society - they're leeches pure and simple.

Grr, i'm sick of politics and politicians. Over in the UK we have fuckwits like Gordon Brown "running" (or should that be ruining?) the country, pandering to every ethnic minority group and ignoring the indiginous populace. It seriously pisses me off. The citizens of this country are denied the right to own firearms to protect themselves from criminals, the streets thusly run rife with crime, i'm more likely to be stabbed to death by a 14 year old with a kitchen knife rather than die of old age. Why? Because local government and law enforcement is TOTALLY USELESS AND INEFFECTUAL.

If someone's stolen something, then you lock them up, take away their rights and privileges, give them basic meals, no frills - just to hammer it home to them that crime is NOT acceptable. Modern prisons are more like hotels, with rec rooms containing pool tables and tv's, dvd players and playstations - i'm sorry but *I* don't have any of those things, yet someone that's committed a crime is given those luxuries? What kind of twisted message is the government trying to send out?!

Anyway, rather than rant on all morning, i'm going to disappear in a minute to sort out other peoples problems (namely a certain laptop that i've been barked at to fix, despite having no inclination to do so, but i'm doing it anyway) and to help out and prep the hot dogs for the beer festival today. I don't relish that fact.

And yes, that was a rather obvious pun. Nyah! :D

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RKL said...

Very good post, the same kinds of things seem to be starting up here in the states. I hope we can stop them before it's too late. If things get unbearable over there, you can always emigrate, you wouldn't be alone over here!