Monday, 28 January 2008

Early Morning Grumbles

I should post a little more often I think. Does me some good to get everything off my chest once in a while, rather than bottling it up. Granted, the last post i made was more of a rant than anything else, but, it needed to be aired.

I'm slightly less bitter and pissed now, although the contempt i hold for the girl in question hasnt changed. I still feel like i've wasted my life for the last 6 months and i'm ready to move past it i think, although it would be substantially easier if i could get this girl to actually fuck off and leave me alone. Seriously, she still begs me to be 'close friends' with her, wants to call me and talk to me when all i want, is for her to die horribly in a fire. No, thats too evil. Well, she can piss off and go use some other asshole as a crutch for her mental problems, i dont think i want to be involved in that way ever again.

Anyway, grumpiness aside, its quarter to 5 in the morning, its freezing cold outside and its not much better in here. Listening to some epic James Horner soundtracks (Star Trek III) and trying to keep myself busy enough until such time as i can enter the kitchen and make myself something for breakfast.

The fridge is looking decidedly bare at the moment, i fear some more shopping is in order. I've even run out of good melty cheese for toasties (Gouda), and only have expensive mature cheddar left. If that wasn't bad enough, the bovril jar has little more than dregs in the bottom, so i have to make that last as long as possible.

I'm still bored to death as well. Oh what i wouldnt give for a soldering iron and my old trunk-full of components...i really want to make a keypad start for the Supra for some reason...don't as me why, i just want to fiddle with stuff.

Speaking of the car, it's back in action, after all these months, the rebuild is complete and its running perfectly. Granted, in 500 miles i'll have to change the oil....and then after 1000 miles change it AGAIN but its the price i'm willing to pay to make sure nothing scores the bearings this time round. I *hate* rod knock.

I'm also going to start my modding too - shimmed wastegate for starters, then a set of coils from a Toyota Aristo (Lexus GS300 for those not up with JDM imports), as i want to get rid of the ugly coil pack that sits on top of the cam covers and change from simple wasted spark, to coil-on-plug ignition. The Lexus coils are far stronger and more durable than the 7M coilpack. The wonderful side effect of the whole mod, is that i can use the N/A cam covers, which look about a million times better than the Turbo ones, although thats simply because they say 'Toyota Twin Cam 24 Valve" on one side, and "3000" on the other side...

I've been offered a free respray on the car too. Well, not 100% free. If i supply the consumables (ie, the paint and thinners) and do the prep work (sanding) myself, then Ed's more than willing to do a 4 pack and lacquer for me. Thats primer, base coat, scratch coat, top coat and finish. Problem is, finding where the hell to get a gallon of Toyota 3E5 without ordering it from the US and paying heavy import duty on it. Stupid bloody government....*trails off into mumbling*

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