Monday, 25 June 2007

Night Shifts...and stuff.

Could there be anything more annoying than a Night shift? The only good thing about it, is that its quiet. But then after a week of it, you get very bored, very quickly. However, its the kind of bored that means you really dont feel like doing anything to rectify it. If you could be bothered, it would be apathy.

Still, my sleep pattern is totally wonky at the moment, i woke up at 3am this time, which means i'll probably fall asleep about 4pm, but i can't, as i have british gas coming round to put a Radiator back on the wall.

Yes, i know, this flat is falling apart, yes i still have to pay for, doesnt it? Our landlord is such a complete arse that every time you mention a problem with something, such as a rotting window frame, broken toilet seat, gutters uncleared, windows uncleaned etc - he disappears for a few weeks.

This time he 'disappeared' when the problem of the collapsing radiator cropped up, so I talked to the woman who lives downstairs in the other flat he rents out, and magically, when she phoned him, he was 'in'. What an utter bastard.

Thankfully, i haven't got long to go before i get to move out and go somewhere like wales, where the rent is less and the space is more :)

Onto the 'stuff' that was promised in the title....

Have you noticed that MySpace has become internet limbo? All the people seem to have upped and moved to FaceBook. Now i've been on FaceBook since before i was on MySpace, in the days when it was only open to university students and alumnus. Now, it's getting so widespread, that its become the MySpace replacement for many.

There are some good reasons for it really. The layouts are all identical, and low key, so the pages load quickly, theres no embedded flash crap, and only people that are members and within your chosen network (ie, London) can view your profile, so you dont get quite so many randoms popping up, and the spam comments just dont happen.

Obviously MySpace still has some alluring aspects, such as the fact you can indeed customise your profile, although i think this should be limited to people that have a clue what HTML is, and not to use those autogenerated profile views that seem to be quite common.

I wont leave either, i do check both on a regular daily basis as there are some people that either 'dont do myspace' or 'dont do facebook' in my friends list.

The spookiest thing about Facebook however, has to be the presence of at least a half dozen people i used to go to Primary School with. Yep - i havent seen these people for at least 14/15 years and they're almost unrecogniseable, all with jobs, wives and in some cases, kids.

Out of all the people i went to primary school with, i'm thankful i ended up in St. Chris when i did. The local secondary school was shite and i'd have ended up in some dead end job in Tesco's or something. Not to say thats the fate that befell everyone, but it was hardly career central...

Then there are the people i went to St Chris with, some of whom i haven't seen for 7 years. Thanks to both of these sites, i've met up with Richard Lewis, one of my best friends from 6th Form, who is now a Vegan and works at the BBC, and Anil Patel, who is an Estate Agent. Both of them live curiously close to me.

I had the option of attending an informal St Chris reunion the other week, but decided against it - i'll save it all for the proper formal re-union in a week or so.

Jesus, i just remembered, its in less than 2 weeks. Oh dear god....

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